Hello world!


well its that time where i talk about how Allah found me and asked me back into his family. lets start with i was an orphan. i was so lost walking this dunya and even though my parents went to church every wensday and sunday i didnt ever feel anything in that church. as the saying goes daddy didnt raise no fool, so the concept of Isa (AS) being the son of god i couldnt grasp. Oneness has always been what it wasuntil the new testament and paul started destroying christianity from within. I was alone one day just walking around lost in my thoughts when a man came up to me named Yusuf he asked me if i had a relationship with god. i told him i didnt are about it but he was persistant and decieded to wlk with me.he asked me alot about the dunya and the daily affairs i have with it. so i told him i was a street kid pretty much and did what i had to to survive. being tossed in and out of foster homes and juvinile detention units i was lost to any kind of god.

so we parted after a long talk and i went on my way. the next day as i went for my walk yusuf was there waiting for me. this time he had the quran in his hand…i was nervous about the book because at the timei was worshipping shaytan and i didnt want any good to come of me but this brother was on a mission from Allah SWT and he wasnt giving up. he told me he knew exsactly who i was and he was told to give me Dawa’ah.

i took the quran from him and left to my place of resedence. i went to my buddies as always to get high and then come home. i was laying on my bed so high i couldnt believe it and i remeber grabbing the words of Allah SWT and i went 100% sober. masha Allah… as i started reading the book i couldnt find my self to put it down its like it wouldnt let me.all the questions as a kid was being answered every page i read there is only one god, isa is a prophet we do follow Ibrahimsgod i was lost for words i didnt know what i believed my whole life was called islam. here in america islam wasnt even talked about til 9/11 and they never said anything nice so ididnt know but i still felt islam in my heart by my believes.

needless to sy i went to Jumuah the next friday and alhamduillah when the adhan was called my heart stoped goose bubs filled my body and i knew right then i was home forever. i took my Shahadah (ashadu illa illha ill allah wa ashadu anna muhammadan rasullaha)SAWS. and i have been deening since. learned my salat in 1 week and masha allah i have been doing what i can to perfect my deen and do good deeds insha Allah.

so that is my story hope you brothers and sisters liked it.    walakum salam   Mustafaa Jamil Hanafi

One thought on “Hello world!”

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