Every man who shall beg, in order to increase his property, God will diminish it.

Verily God loveth a Muslim with a family, who is poor, and witholdeth himself from the unlawful and from begging.

Whoso openeth unto himself the door of begging, God will open unto him the door of poverty.

Verily it is better for any of you to take your rope and bring a bundle of wood upon your back and sell it, in which case God guardeth your honor than to beg of people, whether they give or not; if they do not give, your reputation suffereth, and you return disappointed; and if they give, it is worse than that, for it layeth you under obligation.

Whoever hath food for a day and a night, it is prohibited for him to beg.

Verily it is not right for the rich to ask, nor for a strong, robust person; but it is allowed for the indigent and the infirm.

“May I beg from people, O Messenger of God, when necessitous?” Muhammad said, “Do not beg unless absolutely compelled, then only from the virtuous.”

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