When the child (of Zainab) was brought to Muhammad, dying; its body trembling and moving; the eyes of the Apostle of God shed many tears. And Sad said, “O Messenger of God! What is the weeping and shedding of tears?” Muhammad replied, “This is an expression of the tenderness and compassion, which the Lord hath put into the hearts of His servants; the Lord doth not have compassion on and commiserate with His servants, except such as are tender and full of feeling.”

The Apostle of God wept over Sad b. Ubadah. And he said, “Have not you heard that the Lord doth not punish on account of shedding tears, not from sobs of the heart from the afflicted?” He is not of the people of our way who slappeth his cheeks and teareth his collar, and mourneth like the mournings of Ignorance.

There is no reward but Paradise for a Muslim who suffereth with patience when the soul of his affectionate friend is taken

Once Muhammad went together with some of his companions to Abu Yusuf, a blacksmith who was the husband of the nurse of Muhammad’s son Ibrahim. And the Apostle of God took Ibrahim and kissed him and embraced him. On another occasion they went to see Ibrahim, when he was in his dying moments. The eyes of Muhammad were fixed, and flowed with tears; and Abd-al-Rahman, son of Auf, said to the Messenger of God, “Do you weepand shed tears, O Apostle of God?” He said, “O son of Auf, these are tears of compassion, and feeling due to the dead.” After that he shed tears again, and said, “Verily my eyes shed tears and my heart is afflicted, and I say nothing but what is pleasing to my Benefactor; for verily, O Ibrahim, I am melancholy at being separated from thee.”

Muhammad said, “Do you think this woman will cast her own child into the fire?” Those present said, “No.” Muhammad said, “Verily God is more compassionate on His creatures, than this woman on her own child.”

When one of the family of Muhammad died, and the women assemnled, crying over the corpse, Omar stood up to prevent them from crying, and drive them away: but Muhammad said, “Let them alone, O Omar, because eyes are shedding tears; and the heart is stricken with calamity and sorrowful; and the time of misfortune near and fresh; and the crying of women is without wailing.”

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