Witr Prayer

  • Witr’s is a duty, has three consequtive subsets (no tasliim after the first sitting for tashahhud) with FatiHah and a suurah, and with a supplication (qunuut) before bowing in the 3rd subset.
  • When one wants to make the Witr Supplication, one raises the hands like in the proscription while saying “Allahu Akbar,” then starts to supplicate silently.
  • There is no regularly prescribed qunut supplication (like the supplication of Witr) other than in Witr.
  • If there are calamities, such as war, one may make qunut supplication in other than Witr in the standing after the bow (rukuu^) in the last subset.
  • Followers remain silent if the leader of the prayer makes the qunuut supplication in Fajr.
  • Witr is prayed in group in Ramadan only, by the consensus of the muslims, and with loud reciting.

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