Riots do nothing to promote religion of peace

I CONSIDER it is every individual’s right to practice the religion in which they believe but, I must admit that the actions of a few are causing me to place all Muslims in the same basket – that’s possibly illogical but it’s hard to think otherwise.

It is abhorrent to see kids who appear to be under five years old holding placards encouraging beheading.

These violent protesters can do nothing to promote the teachings of the Prophet, but they can cause immense damage to the way Islam is viewed in the mainstream society.

Ian Bruce, Burleigh Heads, Qld

ONE policy in urgent need of attention is a tightening of the checking of immigrants, particularly the 30 per cent of net arrivals coming from countries where the main religion is Islam. That is not to suggest a banning of Muslim immigrants but we surely need to reject immigrant applications from those judged as activists.

The most influential people in Sport

Additional action is needed to minimise the risk of home-grown terrorism by increasing existing programs designed to educate Muslim groups in the virtues of Western societies.

Des Moore, South Yarra, Vic

FREEDOM in Australia has the responsibility to act within the law and respect the safety of others around you as we go about our daily business. Freedom is also about freedom of speech and this is clearly not part of the Islamic protest movement in Sydney.

We allow people willingly into Australia we do not expect this in return. If Muslims do not like this I am sure they can return to the war torn countries they came from.

Steven Carter, Noranda, WA

IT’S interesting that the unspeakable outrage of female genital mutilation, (reported in The Australian last week to have recently occurred in Sydney, “Charges laid over cutting of genitals”, 14/9) provoke no discernible protest from the Muslim community, but a D-grade undergraduate film, shown only in part on YouTube, whips many of them into a frenzy.

Richard Sallie, Nedlands, WA

WHAT a pity that Muslims here take one step forward only for such disturbing events to shunt them two steps backward. Their too-silent majority, wishing only to live out peaceful, productive lives, are too often dudded by their own extremists.

Ron Sinclair, Bathurst, NSW

MUSLIM parents who involve their young children in street protests should be charged with child abuse. Think of the physical, mental, emotional and intellectual harm they are forcing on these little kids.

Sue Hunter, Port Melbourne, Vic

COMING on top of recent reports about police raids on suspected Islamic militants, this protest is all very unsettling. Muslim leaders in this country should be concerned that activities like those that took place over the weekend are divisive and harmful because they provide ammunition for extremists on both sides of the debate and will only harden public attitudes.

Anything that is likely to enhance feelings of xenophobia must be avoided because any form of violence, verbal or physical, that has its roots in racism or religious intolerance is counterproductive and dare I say unAustralian. We do not want any more Cronullas.

Robert Webb, Ormiston, Qld

OF 400,000 Muslims in Australia, we see not a finger lifted and not a word of condemnation from the imams or any others of them against these would-be murderers.

Plenty of them willingly protest against us, but where are those protesting for us?

Les Thompson, Kilmore, Vic

AS a Christian I am very upset at the mistreatment of Christians around the world, mainly by Muslims who have no problem with blaspheming my God without due public retribution.

TV programs daily misuse the names of the Christian God and of Jesus without Christians burning down the ABC. Does that mean we are happy about this infamy? Not at all, because in due course, God will take the appropriate judgment to deal with all offenders.

David Stevens, Park Ridge, Qld

THE Arab Spring is sure producing some interesting fruit – and it’s taking root right here in our backyard. Is the anti-Mohammed film to blame? Is it the fault of Guantanamo? Abu Ghraib? Is it still Bush’s fault? What about those Swedish cartoons?

Colonialism? The Crusades? Can we blame it all on Israel, again?

Take your pick, but don’t blame it on the practitioners of the religion of Peace. That would be a hate crime, intolerant and racist.

Mike Zaab, Sydney, NSW

UNTIL viewing the rioting Islamic community in Sydney, I believed that one’s religious beliefs were no impediment to living harmoniously in Australia. I was wrong. It is with regret that I now take a step to the Right.

Marney Meredith, Singleton, NSW

OUR misplaced tolerance is to the cost of all, including our broad Muslim population.

Islam in Australia is failed by a political discourse too timid to take a stand against the playing out of ancient hatreds in the streets of Australia.

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