Salam Alakium Readers 9-18-2012

Good Morning, I wanted to share my respects to those lives lost over this battle that is of no sense. I have heard Pakastan has banned youtube I find that quite nice. I believe you tube is great it just needs better editors to clean out messes. i also believe that video was allowed to stay online so it would promote what it has promoted. Google which is the owners of youtube is a jewish based website and they are enemies of Islam, so we must honour enemies and allow them to be just that. Allah swt said we cant lead straight who hes lead astray. but what does bother me is the reaction I have been seeing. I dont believe it was Allahs plan for us to show the hatred and violence that has been displayed. this is a test from Allah and i ask you brothers to hold firm to the Quran and Sunna and let this die down. If they come to your door-step or try to harm your family then defend yourselves by all means, but going out looking for it isnt Sunna and not becoming of a Muslim. we stand on peace first until peace is no longer a choice for us. this is an eye opener for the world and our possitive actions could turn so many people to the light.. So many people here in America are seeking truth and realness lets not promote islam with hatred and anger over a video which we shouldnt even be watching. forbid whats wrong and injoin whats right. Walakium Salam and may Allah SWT be the best of Judges.

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