So much tragedy

i sit and surf the world wide web looking for good stuff and it’s becoming so hard to do. The media makes it a point to only post violence or death. Why is this country feeding off of pain and sorrow it saddens me? I love life and enjoy it everyday, but I remember as a small boy the news was about good things going on and now its about who gets the most hits on there page so they post what sells. Trying to make this world a better place for me and my family to live in seems a endless road. people being murdered everyday, wars on every channel, hate crimes and violence it’s every where I look. There is no need for it but why does it continue to happen.I’ll tell you why it’s all they promote. kids have to have the war games for there X Box or Playstations and the news is terrible. Music of all genre is promoting sex before marriage or drugs or the use of woman as objects. these kids are our future and we are molding them into hate. To judge people and have no moral values of there own. It saddens me and I just thought I would share what was on my mind.I know this is an Islamic blog page but it needed to be addressed. Our brothers, sisters Mom’s and dad’s all over this planet are affected by this new breed and we must do our part to STOP IT. Just thought i’d share.

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