Don’t Hate ISLAM (Watch this video)

More And More People are Turning to Islam, especially after 9/11. September 11 has led to the media giving Islam a lot of attention. Although, the media has mostly reported negatively about Muslims and Islam, it has made people research about Islam. This has led to many to find the Truth about Islam and readily accept it as their faith.

Allison Poole was Raised as a Southern Baptist Christian. She became Muslim this Ramadan. Alhamdulilah! Since becoming Muslim, she feels more at peace and finds Islam has made he life much better as she has the right belief in God. Her family is completely behind her decision, but she finds fellow Americans still misunderstand Islam and say bad things.
Islam is a verb meaning: Surrender (your will to Allah), Submit, Obey, Sincerity, and ‘salam’ or peace. Islam gives freedom in chioce to believe or not to believe. It says in the Qur’an 2:256 “There is no compulsion in religion.” And the accusations which say ‘Islam was spread by the sword’ it is a rather silly accusation. As explained, Islam requires people to submit willfully to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, not to any King, country, or to any race.
– India was ruled by the Muslims for over 1000 years. Today over 80% of the population of India are non-Muslims
– Spain was ruled by the Muslims for 800 years and in fact Muslims got eradicated by the European Crusaders
– The Muslims have been the Masters of the Arab lands for overs 1400 years, yet there are still 14 million Arab Coptic Christians

The West has always been exposed to false religions and because they’ve been exposed to false religions and they forcefully converted people into their religion, it caused a lot of wars and killings. Even scientists were exterminated eg. Galileo. Wars such as The Crusades, and the 100 year war took place because of false religions and their unnatural beliefs. Because of the killing of scientists and the contradictions found in the Bible and the maths that didn’t add up (ie. 3 in 1 and 1 in 3), the scientific community took a stance against the church. RESULT: THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION AND DARWINISM. People became atheists.

Then the western leaders sat down and decided to remove all faiths by introducng a new religion, called: “No Religion” in one word Democracy. And now they are repeating the SAME mistake – of forcefully converting people to their new way of thinking – but the difference is instead of fighting amongst themselves, they are killing Non-Europeans/Non-Americans and that is the reason for the set-up (After World War I and II) and establishment of the United Nations.

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