Rizq is of Two Kinds

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) taught us to pray, “Allahummar-zuqna min fadhlika wa laa tah-rim-na riz-qaka.” [Hilyatul Awliya]

The meaning of this Dua is: “Oh Allah! Grant us Rizq from your bounty and do not let us be deprived of our Rizq.”

When you say “Allahummar-zuqna” then keep the two kinds of Rizq in mind:

General (Aam) Rizq: This is for everyone, whether they be good or evil. This is sustenance for the body.

Special (Khaas) Rizq: The sustenance of the heart and soul. This is Ilm (knowledge leading to awareness of Allah) and Eeman (unpolluted belief in Allah).

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