Abu Bakr (r.a.) The First Khalifah

Al Muntada Al Islami once again brings you the spring Qur’an dawrah 2012 program. which consisted of students memorizing the Qur’an in the masjid, this was a 24 hour event that lasted for 8 days.
At the end of each day there was a lecture by a guest speaker relating to the Qur’an.
This lecture was: Day 4 Sunday 1st of April 2012 Abu Bakr {ra) The First khalifa by Shaykh Muhammad Salah


Dr. Muhammad Salah is a PhD holder in Comparative Fiqh.He had his MBA in Islamic Studies from Cloverdale college, Theological Foundation – Indiana, USA.He obtained his BA in Shari’ah and Islamic Law from the University of Al-Azhar in Egypt and a BA in pharmacology.He was an assistant professor of pharmacology.He obtained a four-year diploma in Muslim arts and Arabic calligraphy.

Dr. Muhammad Salah is working now as the “Religious Adviser” of Huda Satellite TV, one of the world leading Islamic Channels broadcasting exclusively in English since 2005.

He is the presenter of “Ask Huda” , “Correct Your Recitation” and “Gardens of the Pious” programs, which were rated as the highest viewed programs to be broadcasted by Huda TV.

Dr. Salah is one of the well-known Islamic scholars in USA. He led the Islamic Center of Victoria, Texas and founded two Islamic and Arabic schools, Namely Iman Stems and the Muslim Generation.

He is a lecturer at Al-Azhar University, Islamic University of North America and London College online.

Dr. Salah had enriched the Islamic video library by producing more than 1500 of live and recorded broadcasting hours in both English and Arabic languages.

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