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Shirk/polytheism or idolatry

“Dear son do not associate partners to Allah, Truly idolatry is a great injustice.” Luqman 31:12

“Allah does not forgive idolatry, yet he will forgive other than that, to whomever he pleases.” The Women 4:48

Shirk in the Arabic language means to co share or to share

In the sacred law it means to make a partner to God, in essence or worship

There are six types of Shirk:

1. Shirk Istqlal: Autonomous idolatry – to belief in separate deities i.e. Zoroastrians

2. Shirk Tab’ad: separate idolatry – to say God is one of three

3. Shirk Taqrib: approximate idolatry – to say that they are worshipping idols to get closer to God.

4. Shirk Taqlid: Imitative idolatry – to follow fathers

5. Shirk Falsafa: idolatry of the philosophers – to believe that there is a power other than God

6. Shirk Al-Gharad: idolatry of intention – this is carry out actions for other God, in intention

The first four are considered as disbelief/kufr

The fifth: we have to find out: a) if he believes that something has independence power then it is kufr, b) if they believe that they have a power by God then this is innovation/Bi’da
The sixth is a sin

Shirk/idolatry is minor and major.

One to five are major idolatry and number six in minor because of the hadith that it is minor idolatry when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) warned the companions. The Prophet said, “I only fear for you minor idolatry.” The companions asked, “What is minor idolatry?” He replied, “Ostentation.” (Imam Ahmed Musnad 23119)

According to other scholars they state idolatry is three kinds:

1. Idolatry in Lordship/Rububiyyah by two things: a) to deny God and say he is created, b) to say someone can create other than God.

2. Idolatry in Uluhiyyah: this is worship of other things, this is major and the minor shirk has been explained before

3. Idolatry in names and attributes of God, this is of two types: A) to consider something similar to God, someone can forgive other than him. B) To make god similar to creation