Know Allah At the time of Ease | Shaykh Mustapha Al Majzoub (Rahimahullah)


Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub, our beloved Sheikh (May Allah Accept Him As A Shaheed) from Australia has been martyred while in the path of Allah in the oppressed cities of Syria, protecting the men, women and children from the tyranny of the Bashar Al Assad Regime.

In early April 2012, Mustapha travelled to Turkey as a humanitarian aid worker.

He was active in attending to the wounded Syrian refugees near the Turkish border. In addition, this work required him to cross the border into Syria to provide aid and assistance to those injured and unable to reach the border. On 20 August 2012, Mustapha was in North Syria when extensive shelling was administered by the Assad regime against its people. He was called on to assist the trapped and the injured. At approximately 1pm, he was struck and killed by a rocket explosion..

May Allah have mercy on his soul. We ask Allah to accept him as a Shaheed.

A Short Reminder: Know Allah at the time of Ease

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There’s something that non-Muslims do NOT know about Islam; the peaceful life a Muslims lives even if life becomes hard or worse. the happiness and calm. in soul and heart.
A message for non-Muslims it’s now time for u to know about the great religion of Islam.